About Us

What SuperHealthy bring to you?

SuperHealthy provides a range of the finest health products that have been curated specifically for those who look for healthy diet options without having to compromise on the taste and their daily lifestyle. As a collective, we envisage delivering the best possible, high-end products with international quality standards approved by specialized nutritionists to provide a premier experience for our customers.

Our SuperTeam

Our team is a group of passionate individuals who are inclined towards doing our best in scaling our start-up to reach the pinnacle in its area of work. We are a team of diverse personalities hailing from various backgrounds with a united vision to transition our start-up from the beginners’ stage to one of the top-notch in the world.
We aim to do this by committing ourselves 100% to deliver the best in-house products to everyone and create an exceptional experience for each and every person who engages with us. After all, it’s those experiences that matter and we cherish at the end of a day.

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